The Gallon’s Empty Funnel – Code 101

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The galena 101 is composed of 3 pieces and suitable for gallons of 2 to 5 liters (suggested) with a 49 mm diameter neck.
. One-way ribs on the main body of the door prevent the unit from being opened after being packaged in the factory and preventing cheating.
The design of the trolley of the door is designed to precisely drain the contents of the gallon at the desired location and prevent flow of the fluid through the control of the blades (when the hopper is opened, the blades are in vertical orientation to the fluid flow direction) )
Sealing the gallon cap assembly with the capstone provided in the hopper of the foreseen collection.
The part is at the top of the wraps and connects to the main body with delicate bridges. As the bridges unfold, the bridges are broken and the handles are released. The combination of hopper material is a gradient that can be opened and closed frequently. Inside the openings of the hopper, the detachable handles are anticipated to be detached by pulling the handle and provide double protection against fraud. In this door you can insert the logo prominently on the door.

Product Specifications

Uses: Motor Oils – Industrial Oils – Chemicals
Closure type: Screw
Gallon diameter: 49mm
Gallon Type: Plastic Density Capacity from 2 to 5 Liter (Projected Gallon Size)
Galena materials: PP / PE
Door Material: PE
Plumb type: One side socket + Separator hinge (funnel open) + Separator hinge handle
Sealing type: The stupa located at the bottom of the hopper and the stupa located in the upper door
Other Specifications: Uniform liquid loss – Ability to drain fluid precisely and purposefully – Safety against scams with 3 plumb areas – Possibility to insert the logo on the door

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