Thin-toothed tubular door trim – code A103

About product

The Gallon 103 A is suitable for 1.5-liter (proposed) galleries with a diameter of 38mm and the flange of the door is made up of a sliding bar that is attached to the bottom of the door, which is opened for the first time by the opening of the door Gets
For greater ease of opening and closing the gallon, as well as the more beautiful appearance of the treads, the ribs on the outer door made to seal this type of door, depending on the need, can be used with a foam induction flood or foam washers. Using an induction flood allows you to print a logo on the flood

Product Specifications

Applications: Motor oil – Oil filler – Hydraulic oil – Industrial oils – Chemicals

Closure type: Screw

Gallon diameter: 38mm

Gallon Type: Plastic Density Capacities from 1 to 2.5 (Projected Gallon Size)

Galena materials: PP / PE

Door Material: PE

Plumb type: Separating sliding bar

Sealing Type: Foam Gasket / Foam Induction Flood

Advantages: Possibility of a logo on the door – Possibility to print the logo on the flood – Appearance form suitable for industrial use – Easier opening and closing due to the presence of exterior door treads

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